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Creating A Business Plan

Making A Business Plan – How To Do It

When Making a Business Plan there are many considerations but these few are absolutely essential.

First, decide what business you want to be in. I am not referring to the product or service you’re promoting, but rather, the end result or the “great end” that you are providing the customer.

For instance, I owned and operated a business for many years in the service industry. For me it was drapery cleaning, and the manufacture and installation of draperies, blinds and shades and related products.

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That is what we did in the business but the business I was in was service!

Our particular specialty was to provide weekend or night service to commercial customers. Basically, if they had a problem revolving around window coverings we could take care of it for them. This is what I mean by saying you must first decide what business you are in. To answer the question by simply saying “the blind or drapery business” misses the point completely and would be of little help in making a business plan.

Free Business Plan Templates

Business plan templates are particularly helpful to those just starting an online business as these templates provide you with a format for the subject matter you are inquiring about.

A useful site for accessing free business forms for your new venture is Score.org. They have many templates for developing a business plan which are especially helpful. In fact Score also offers other types of business forms, templates and examples which include:

  • Balance Sheets
  • Profit and Loss Statement Templates
  • Cash Flow Statement Examples
  • Financial Forecast Plans

You’ll find that you’ll need these kinds of templates much more often than you would think initially. So, download any that you may need so you will have them, and/or bookmark the site for easy access.

You will discover this site to be a great time saver well worth your time now for future time savings.

Is the current economic recession a time to consider your options and try something new? Maybe your own recession prove online business?

Now! Huge companies have either gone under or are asking for more government help! This is nuts – AIG, GM, Ford. What has happened to America?

Personal Responsibility is coming back into vogue

Consider now the huge companies and the number of people who are affected by the recent events in the financial industry. This is big. It will affect more and more people every single day. And it is not going away for several years. We are entering one of the biggest recessionary (probably depressionary) times of the past 100 years.

The good news is that we are also living in an unprecedented time in history when the world is very accessible via the internet. Yes, a recession is going to effect most everyone you know but now is the time to begin to make the necessary changes that can keep you ahead of the curve and stay in the game.

It’s the best time to start a business online. I recommend Niche Affiliate Marketing.

Working In Teams

4 Steps To Working Well In Teams

If you have ever had to do a group project of any kind, you know that it can be challenging to work in teams.
Often, one person does all of the work while other members bicker or don’t do anything. Sometimes, a member will feel that he or she should contribute something more to the group. Or something different.

Yet, being part of a solid group can be satisfying personally and professionally.working in a team

With that in mind, here are four tips for successful teamwork:

1. Put the team’s goals ahead of your own quest for personal recognition

In a good group, no member is better or worse than any other. You should all be striving for the same result. If your contribution is what puts your group over the top, that’s wonderful, but don’t get the idea that you should be singled out for it. Doing so contradicts the whole meaning of teamwork.

2. Be willing to perform tasks that are outside of your usual job description

When a team is put together, it is up to the group to divide up the work to be done. Some of what you are asked to do may be outside the normal scope of your job. This is fine, as long as you are able to perform the task. Job descriptions are not carved in stone. And they rarely apply to team-based projects.

3. Understand that you may have to do tasks below your current skill level

If you are a paralegal in a law firm, for instance, you may still be asked to do routine typing or to deliver documents. Though a secretary or runner could handle these tasks, it is your responsibility as part of the group to do what is assigned to you. Rather than seeing such tasks as beneath your skills, see them as part of a plan for success. Also understand that if this is your first time working on a team, you have to prove your value. Doing seemingly menial tasks is part of this proving process.

4. Have the flexibility to understand and accept different ideas, opinions and cultural mores

Since you are only part of the picture, you can be sure someone on the team will think differently from you. The difference may be minor or major. It doesn’t matter. As part of the group, you need to consider new ideas and respect others’ ways of doing tasks. It is inevitable that disagreements will occur. The important thing is to deal with them in a calm, civilized manner and continue moving forward.

When you come into a group project prepared to handle it well, you make everyone’s experience better, not just your own. You also make your team more effective. This makes you all more successful.

affiliate marketing jobs

The Top Affiliate Marketer Job Search Websites

Job seekers no longer have to beat on doors, rely on classified ads, or hire a private headhunter. The Web has many top job search websites dedicated to helping people find jobs. Even better, for the many people who are unsure of what job may be best suited for them, many of these sites can help you in determining a direction. When using these sites, you can search by industry, location, keywords, and employers. Many job search engines even offer extras, such as job search alerts, networking boards, resume assistance, current career information, and online resume posting.

The following are listed as the Top Job search Websites for job seekers.These sites are the largest and most popular visited websites on the Internet. That means that in addition to listing thousands of jobs, your resume will be viewed by employers worldwide. These job search engines all offer distinctive features. It is important to note that some of these sites are offered as free services to users and some require a fee.

Top Affiliate Marketer Job Search Websites

  • Careerbuilder.com – This is also a mega supersite, offering over 900,000 current job listings, job search tools, and career resources. It is easy to use and has helped many job seekers find a new career.
  • Monster.com – This is the leading site for job searching. This site offers thousands of current career opportunities worldwide. It is constantly updating its browsing features. It also offers many extras for job seekers, such as career information, advice to job seekers, resume writing tips, online resume posting.
  • Indeed.com – Search millions of jobs from thousands of job boards, newspapers, classifieds and company websites.
  • Simply Hired.com – Search 6 million job listings and thousands of free jobs sites to find a job you need.
  • Jobs.com – Find a job, write your resume, negotiate your salary. Job opportunities and qualified job seekers matched by the industry leader.
  • CareerJournal.com – This site is sponsored by the Wall Street Journal. It has a large selection of practical job search articles and job tools.
  • DirectEmployer.com – This is a megasite that was created by large group of national employers. Its search engine allows the job seeker to search by keyword, date listing was posted, employer, location, or industry.
  • America’s Job Bank – This is a free supersite site with many extras that offers all levels of job listings from private employers, public corporations, and unemployment agencies.
  • USAJobs.gov – This is the official job site of the United States Federal Government. It is the source for all Federal jobs.
  • TrueCareers.com – Sallie Mae created this site. It is a job site with thousands of job openings. It also has career articles and provides other resources for job seekers. In addition to posting job openings, having an Advanced Search component, and providing resume submission, this site provides users with a sweepstakes where they can win thousands in cash or money to pay off student loans.
  • AllJobSearch.com – This site is somewhat unique in that it allows the job seeker to search multiple job sites at once and narrow their search using advanced search criteria. This site also pulls from Internet newsgroups and newspaper classifieds.
  • Jobster.com – Search for Jobs, build a career network, and connect with the hiring teams at the companies that you would like to work for.

Networking for Jobs

Networking is proving to be a powerful resource. Craigs List is one resource. Facebook is great for networking as well.
Below is an article about 10 ways to use LinkedIn to find a job.

1. Get the word out.

2. Get LinkedIn recommendations from your colleagues.

3. Find out where people with your backgrounds are working.

4. Find out where people at a company came from.

5. Find out where people from a company go next.

6. Check if a company is still hiring.

7. Get to the hiring manager.

8. Get to the right HR person.

9. Find out the secret job requirements.

10. Find startups to join.

11. Build your network before you need it.

Best Web Hosting Service

How To Find The Best Web Site Hosting

Want to find the best web site hosting? You have come to the right place!

Here on this website you will find out which company really offers the best web hosting.

Web Hosting Sites – Best Host Hosting Site Web

If you have read some of the other pages on this website, you know that there is one web site host that has made it to the top of the list of the best web hosts available.

Regardless of your abilities, if you choose a very good web host, like the best web hosting company I have talked about, you will be able to easily create your own website and enjoy the best Internet web site hosting services that they offer.

The name of this best web site host is SiteSell (SBI!).

To see certified proof of the success that the best web site hosting company SiteSell will bring you, click here.

Most top web hosting companies offer comprehensive multiple domain web hosting plans that are great for both beginners and professional users.

The Best Web Hosting Types

Shared Hosting – Cheapest, Easiest and Feature Rich

You can call it normal, regular or conventional hosting. Shared hosting is the most used hosting service on the world wide web. In fact, a large number of the websites you encounter online are running on this type of platform.

Free Website Hosting Plans – 100% free web hosting providers

Free web hosting services are a type of web hosting services where you get free web space on the company’s hosting server to host your own web site for free. Free web hosting has several advantages, but mainly that it costs nothing (no credit cards or PayPal needed). But they also often have several disadvantages such as limited web hosting features and forced ads. You will not be able to make money through ads with your website if you use free web hosting services. The money from the ads goes to the web hosting company in this case.

If you still would like to use a free web hosting provider and need a recommendation on which to use, go ahead and check out webs.com. Webs is easy to use and if quite good for being free.

Reseller Hosting – Substantial Profit Potential

You purchase a service plan from a hosting provider equipped with a certain amount of disk storage, after that you will be able to make your own hosting plans and sell it to customers who are looking to build their presence online.

Your clients will have a separate cPanel for their accounts, and they will never know about the main hosting provider. You will get your own WHM access to manage your client accounts.

Find the best web hosting reseller program here.

Best Unix Web Hosting

If you need to run a solution driven by MySQL or if you need to use PHP or Perl, then you should look for good Unix or Linux web hosts.

A few examples of really good Unix and Linux web hosts are:

(Both Unix and Linux Platforms)

Regular HTML pages (static HTML pages) work well with both Linux and Windows web hosting platforms. But since you are looking for the best web site hosting, you probably would like to know what the difference is between the two.

The difference is, that Linux hosting is a little cheaper type of hosting, and some say it is more stable than Windows hosting. Some even say Linux is the most stable hosting there is. This might be because Linux is derived from Unix OS, which has been around “forever”.

However, others say Windows hosting has its benefits. And it sure does. Both of them are good in their own ways. Windows is a bit more expensive for the hosting provider, so it will be a little more costly for you as well.

An ASP and ASP.NET based web site needs to be hosted on a Windows platform.

You can run MySQL and PHP smoothly on both Linux and Windows.

Web Hosting Windows

Best VPS Web Hosting – Windows

This kind of hosting gives you the same control as dedicated Internet hosting but without the high price.

Find good Windows VPS Web Hosting here: Windows VPS Web Hosting Canada

Best Web Site Hosting Linux

One of the best shared Linux web hosting companies is: HostGator

Dedicated Hosting Service – The Utmost in Control and Flexibility

Dedicated web hosting or dedicated Internet hosting is the exact opposite of the shared type. Instead of sharing the server with other webmasters, you will dedicate your server exclusively to your website needs. Because of not sharing resources, dedicated hosting can provide you with the highest level of control, performance and mobility. You are free to choose your own operating system, install your own software applications, and decide the security mechanisms you feel will provide the server with the best protection.

WebHostingGeeks gave InMotion’s Dedicated Hosting Plan ($199.95/month) the “Best Dedicated Hosting” award this year, so if you are looking for dedicated hosting, you might want to try them out.

VPS Web Hosting

Virtual Private Server hosting is kind of like dedicated web hosting, but more affordable. Learn about HostGator’s VPS web hosting plan here – Best VPS Web Hosting

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Is Back

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to make an announcement. Affiliate marketing is back. A lot of people do not realize that right now is the best time to get involved with affiliate marketing. Now why would I be saying such a thing? Well, because there are so many other people out there saying that affiliate marketing is dead. This just is not true and I want to set the record straight.

I also understand that people will disagree with what I’m saying because there is so much information out there that says to the contrary of the points I am trying to make. So, I will do my best and hopefully some of you will see the point I’m trying to get across and if you do please back me up in the commenting section below this article. If you don’t agree with me, well, you can also post what you think in the commenting section and I am happy to have a civil debate with you about what you think can be done differently.

Affiliate Marketing Has Been Reborn

I believe that affiliate marketing has entered a new era. It has been reborn, if you will. Back in the early two thousands affiliate marketing began to get out of hand. Unfortunately, what happened was, affiliate marketers began to spam the Internet with their affiliate marketing links and would do just about anything to make a single little sale. This did not fly over well because it started to deteriorate the quality of the Internet including search results and videos in places like YouTube. Something had to be done and something was done when Google released at their Google Penguin and Panda updates. After these updates or implemented by Google the entire landscape of affiliate marketing and search engine optimization changed almost overnight.

It is because of these updates that we can now move forward with the industry into a new era. Everyone should be thanking Google for what they have done with the Google search results by attempting to eliminate spam and low quality affiliate websites. Now that those websites are being taken care of the new websites which will be higher quality can move in on their search rankings.

Affiliate Marketing Is Now About Quality

Prior to these recent updates by major search engines like Google, the name of the game and affiliate marketing was quantity and not quality. People would build as many a little websites as they could and try to spam them with as many links as possible and try as many means it is possible to get is many people to their websites that they could. These days it is not that easy anymore and you must actually develop a quality business if you plan to succeed online and make any money at it.

This is where this website is going to really be helpful for you if you have never made money online before. I am going to be showing you how to make money with affiliate marketing by creating quality websites and running quality social media marketing campaigns as well as email marketing and other sources of running a legit business while providing value to everyone including the search engines. With my techniques everybody wins and this has been working for years

Please feel free to give your feedback as always but I hope that this helped to give you a better idea of what the future holds for affiliate marketing and some of the things that we have to look forward to. It’s going to be a lot of fun growing as this industry changes but one thing is for sure, affiliate marketing is not dead, in fact, it is not going anywhere.

Either get with the affiliate marketing revolution or get left behind!